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Notification services

Integrate real-time notifications into your applications to keep your customers informed of significant events. These events may include financial transactions, reminders, or updates to share with your users.

Two-factor authentication

Enhance the security of your mobile and web applications by sending authentication tokens via SMS. This method has proven to be both useful and crucial in verifying your service users.

Bulk SMS sending

To effectively communicate with your users, use our interface or add text messaging to your mobile or web application through our reliable Bulk SMS API for sending SMS to a large number of phone numbers.

Stay in touch with your customers

Daily interaction with the customer ensures maintaining a good customer relationship and contributes to the quality of customer service.

Delivery reports

We handle the processing and sharing of delivery receipts that we receive from operators to your applications for all SMS messages sent via our APIs.

Message queue

Our gateways can simultaneously handle thousands of message sending requests, ensuring reliable delivery of your SMS messages.

Real-time analysis

Our dashboard allows you to track your various sending activities, delivery rates, and quickly resolve any anomalies.

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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

SMS is one of the oldest and most widespread messaging services, available on all mobile phones and even without Internet access. Therefore, it is used by businesses to reach their customers due to its reliability, with a read rate of over 96%. It remains the best channel to directly reach a target audience.
Fastermessage offers several features such as message personalization, scheduling of sending, integration with other applications through our RESTful and SMPP API, management of distribution lists, and the ability to receive delivery receipts.
Fastermessage stands out from its competitors with its ease of use and integration; offers a competitive and transparent pricing, with flexible payment options; provides robust security to protect your data and that of your recipients; and above all, Fastermessage offers a highly reliable service.
Of course, yes. You can contact us to share your needs. If your suggestion holds value for you, we can develop it for you promptly and, most importantly, without any additional charges. Because Fastermessage is for you, and we will do our best to bring you added value.

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